Our Businesses

Alchemist Group manufactures world-class welded wire mesh in more than 100 grades. The welded wire meshes have won acceptance in many prestigious projects undertaken by the government and private builders, architects and defense applications. One of the largest manufacturers of welded wire mesh in the country, it also has the distinction of being one of the premier exporter of welded wire mesh to the US and Middle East countries. Quality is ingrained at every process that goes into making world-class welded wire mesh. The company’s state-of the-art manufacturing plant is located at Kurali, Punjab. The excellence of the product is recognized from that fact that it was used during the construction of the mammoth Ranjit Sagar Dam project.

With a population of more than a billion, India has been severely lacking in world-class healthcare facilities. Alchemist decided to address this need with an entry into the hospitals sector with the acquisition of Kaiser Hospital in Panchkula. Through ceaseless up-gradation and modernization of equipment this facility is now a 100 bed specialty hospital well equipped with state-of-art facilities the first Alchemist Hospital. Alchemist Hospitals have a philosophy of “Care, not just cure”! With the acquisition of “Healer’s Hospital” in Gurgaon and its extensive renovation and upgradation, the second hospital was created. It is known as “Alchemist Institute of Medical Sciences”.

Republic of Chicken
Alchemist Group’s foray into poultry has resulted in the creation of the highly successful brand, Republic of Chicken. The group has invested in their own farms, outlets to cater to the vast demand for fresh, succulent chicken. ROC is a “FARM TO FORK” concept that caters to the needs of food service customers. Our integrated poultry operation covers the complete chicken production chain, which ranges from our own Automated Feel Mill, Breeder Farm, Environment Controlled broiler farms, and HACCP Certified Primary and Secondary Processing facilities. Log in on the website to hear the ROC Anthem.

A decade ago, Alchemist decided to enter into floriculture. Since its inception, the floriculture business is blossoming season after season, thanks to an exhaustive study of the land and temperature ones. For instance, Shifting base helped a yield of carnations 10 months in a year. The group has green house capacity of 45,000 sq. meters at present levels, which the company plans to extend to 55,000 sq. meters. This would make Alchemist one of the biggest producers of flowers in the country and the largest in Himachal Pradesh. This is the fragrance of true success.

Alchemist Group is having 5 tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam spreading over a total of 6000 acres. The tea grown here is exported to Japan, U.K., Germany Austria, UAE USA and Singapore.

Alchemist Group owns sophisticated ultra modern manufacturing unites at Solan and production facilities comply with WHO norms and quality. The marketing of medicines are done all over India.

Hotels & Resorts
Alchemist Group will be creating an indigenous chain of luxury hotels under the brand name of “Ji Hotels” Ji Hotels envisions establishing high standards and an international benchmark for hallmark hospitality.

Food & Beverage
Alchemist Group plans to set up a chain of fine dining Restaurants of the most organized ones in all formats Specialty Restaurants, Lounges, Café’s and Quick Service Restaurants.

The Alchemist Group through their unflagging efforts has turned the skies into ‘GOLD’. A state-of-art aviation academy in Jamshedpur is turning bright young aspirants into responsible, competent pilots of tomorrow. The academy which imparts training for commercial as well as private pilots’ licenses have well-designed courses with subjects ranging from air navigation, meteorology, and air regulations. A well-maintained fleet of aircraft with cutting-edge equipment constitutes an exclusive charter service in Delhi.

Real Estate
We live in a blessed land. With 3,000 sq km of land that’s rich in soil, flora and fauna. We also have more than a billion people all of whom deserve the best possible home and work environment. The Alchemist Group is committed in its endeavor to develop solid infrastructure, commercial and residential properties of the highest quality, adhering to the strictest norms. A land bank of over 7000 Crore is completely allocated for residential and commercial complexes. Our projects include a 200-acre integrated township in Noida, affordable housing projects in Ludhiana, a 150-acre integrated project in Shimla among others.

Information Technology
India has just about entered the digital age and the possibilities are endless. The need is a strong IT support structure that can withstand the progress and even catalyze it further. By enabling individuals and organizations move on the information super highway, seamlessly.

The Alchemist Group’s ITES is a team of professionals with extensive backgrounds and mature experience in the IT Industry, community organizations, career and technical education, and higher education. We specialize in building capabilities in organizations and individuals seeking to develop and deepen information technology skills for living, learning, and working.

ITES specializes in Software Development and Support, Networking, Telecommunications, Seat Management, Operational Outsourcing, Website Management, Data Security and IT support services. It’s new IT revolution that the Alchemist Group has begun and its’ shining.

The Alchemist Groups are pursuers of the truth. Every publication of the media powerhouse has been path breaking. Financial World and Tehelka are just some of the widely read and circulated publications in India.